Thursday, 13 June 2013

What is Social Networking?

We are living in the era of technology. Our each and every action has an involvement of the technology. Among the inventions of technology, there is also the name of social networking. Social networking is the way or intermediate to connect the people with each other and share their experience or information through this. The social networking has changed the way of our each and every action, whether it is an entertainment, education or business.
Today, there are many social networking websites on internet which serves the purpose for exchanging the information. As we know that Facebook is a social networking website which connects the friends with each other by posting status and photographs. In Canada, every second person has a Facebook account. On average, more than 17 million people are using Facebook. On the global level, if Facebook would consider as a country then it would be the third largest country after the China and India. Furthermore, people like to watch movies or videos on internet rather than using the television. People spend their 22% time on internet. The given statistics are enough to depict how the social media is viral.

 So, social networking has connected the nooks and corner of world, that why it is said that world is global village now.

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