Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Business world and Social networking

As we know that Social networking has played its huge role in education, on the other side professionals are also using social networking sites to increase efficiency of business. We can see that every corporation has its own websites through which we get information about them. However, these companies use various social networking sites to enhance their profit.
Every corporate chain or company has its profiles on Facebook and twitter, with which they are able to communicate easily with their customers. Things are now easy for marketing executives to promote their product or service through social sites. They can easily talk about their product with the people using various interactive techniques such as live chat. For an example, company released its product related videos on YouTube which gives information to the customers or Youtubers about the launch of new product and its specifications.
 Furthermore, companies conducts surveys via these sites because every person pays part of his time to the internet and it is not difficult and time consuming for people to click on preferred option. Users can give feedback on their service so that companies can improve their service. In this way companies could understand customer’s perception about their brand and companies could track about the image of their brand in target market and overall competition. 
The social networking sites leads to the increase in new business promotions as well as some web based businesses. LinkedIn allows business professionals to create their professional image on the internet; with the help of this they do advertising or recruiting.

To conclude, there are numerous benefits of social media in which both customers and companies get profit. Every Country’s economy depends upon its production which has been improved than ever before with the help of e-marketing. 

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