Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Impact of networking on human relations

Social media is not only a single word rather it is that vital phenomenon which has changed the world. Some people says that it has made the world a better place to live as well as interact but there are those also who thinks that it ha depleted all the cordial relations that exists in a family as well as society. People has become more of e-people rather than social.

This quote by Albert Einstein is the clear depiction of modern era society as well as mode of interaction, there are people of Y-generation who have spoken less but typed more, who have express less but used emoticons more to replace there emotions. Technology has surpassed our human interactions. This is the matter of fact that social media is not that much social as it seems, I don’t hearty condemn the concept of social websites I am just upset from their usage and utility. People can use this platform in a way better way but they hadn’t rather it has become a platform of incidents as well as misusage of photos as well as information. 
There are some users of Facebook who gives their account number along with a photo of some imaginary patient and request the other users to share the photo and donate the money to that given account and who knows to what that money is utilize.
It has also became a vital source for some illicit activities to take place as some terrorist has used it in quite a useful way for them and has interacted with each other in codes form of photos and other visual aids.
To sum-up I would like to say that technology has no feelings and no nature as it is neutral in nature but it is in hands of people to use it in a proper way which is not taking place .

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