Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Social networking Statistics

Social networking has been accepted and used at the fast pace but its figures are more shocking than we think of them. Social networking sites have been used by students, , adults, business professional with different purposes and their statistics are following mentioned below.
Facebook has more than 1 billion users which is 1/7 of the world population, out of which 552 million users are those who uses it on daily basis. Twitter has 559 million users and is yet growing. Both sites are used by females more than males by 20%. 50% of smartphones remains connected to the Facebook daily and almost 250 million photos are shared by networking. Twitter has 340 million tweets per day, 11 new accounts are created in one second over the world, which means 1 million people joined twitter daily. Facebook is number one marketing tool followed by twitter used by businesses.
LinkedIn and Google+ are used by 175 million and 400 million respectively. Google+ is used by 69% of males of total population; however LinkedIn has more female users that are 55% whereas there are only 45% males. LinkedIn has 61% user who use it as primary professional networking site and 42% users update their profile regularly.
YouTube videos have more than 4 billion views per day which is more than half of the global population globally and 700 videos of YouTube are shared on the twitter in every one minute which implies the posting of more than 1008000 videos in a day.  People who are having their authentication to mobile pocket usage they uses more than 90% of their data in social networking only which is a huge chunk out of total usage.

The above given statistics clearly shows that social networking in itself is becoming the vital component of the lives of people both personally as well as professionally. That time is not far away when earth will be called as e-earth and humans will become e-humans as everything will be derive by the electronic generation rather than generation of humans. 

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