Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Social Media and Future

Impact on Future

Social media is not only the present or temporary phenomenon rather it is a long term culture which will sustain and will become more deeper, diverse and more wide with passage of time. It can be clearly seen from the trends which I have mentioned in my previous blog that social media is expanding at a very fast pace, rather than entertainment it has become the utmost priority of our lives.

In our society that person is consider as ill social who is not having his account on Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn as these has become the meters for measuring the social presence of an individual.
It can be clearly seen that social media is expanding it’s vast wings over every sphere of this modern world. Every tiny home to the towering building are occupied with this faculty. No matter which business one carries, what is the social status or what is the employment index, irrespective of any aspect all the people from every field of life are considering the social network as an indispensible part of there life.

In future all of the important works will be fully dependent on this aptitude, from the field of education to health departments till defense everything will rely on social networking. All the companies are utilizing the social media for their promotion, surveys and to establish the customer relation marketing. It can be clearly understood that in future there would be special department for social networking along with other departments.


  1. I am fully agree with your views that social media will be a driving force in the coming future and will be widely used in every sphere of life.
    Being a marketing student I strongly agree that in coming future there will be a need of special department for social media and networking.

  2. Hi Vidit, i like yous views and i am agree. In future we should dependent on Social Media.